Erotic massage and happy ending. How to give it?

The massage with a happy ending does not depend on the end, but that is a process that takes time. The orgasm is more intense if you start with small strokes and you increase the power little by little, we will have better results if you caress the erogenous zones with subtlety, just like they do in, keeping calm to be increasing the desire.

Before the session starts you need a good environment, so the decoration will give a good boost to the couple. You can put a dim light in the room, what you can achieve with scented candles. Includes relaxing music.

Slowly search for the climax

As we said at the start, you can start gently, and continue in that tenor throughout the intimate moment. In the first place are the shoulders and the neck, because those are the parts that concentrate all the tension. So the smart thing will be to create the relaxation, and then move on to the excitement.

Draw a map with your hands and keep a way of massage fluids. Use aromatic oils or of babies, which you can get depending on the taste, olfactory of your partner. You will need a towel, for if you spill the substance. Caresses feet of circular form, between the arch and metatarsal, continues with movements of going and coming in the legs, up the back of the knees. According to Wapa, it is good to start from the bottom up.

An idea that may help you is to focus on the erogenous zones, starting with the most common and going to the most intimate. According to Uncomo, in men, the main erogenous zones are the breasts, neck, ears (especially the back), scrotum, penis, glans and perineum (this last is located between the anus and the scrotum); in women, the main erogenous zones are the nape of the neck, neck, chest, breasts, feet, crotch, anus, clitoris, among others.

You don’t need to hurry, you don’t need to worry

It is recommended to prolong the massage for as long as possible, so that you are more fantastic and joyful to the end. Remember to pass the erogenous zones to the extent that you see that your partner is relaxing. The research is important, Health recommended to express and to ask questions that you don’t like, the things that he like and most give displeasure. The mutual knowledge enhances the sex.

Travel through his body with the touch of a feather. It starts at the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and bubbles for about 5 minutes. You can use circular movements, long, short, to the sides or as you like it! If your hair is long, you can even take advantage of it to touch it gently. Combines the location of your fingers so that he does not know where to atacarás and, to heat things up, little by little you see by using a little more firmly.

Don’t forget the nipples! The nipple stimulation is processed in the same brain region as that of the clitoris and the penis… so pay attention to the areola. Use the big finger and index finger to massage the nipple with a circular motion to the rhythm of the clock and vice versa.

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