Barcelona as the experience of sex city


The concept of Soho House was born in 1995. A group of friends from the film industry created a place of meeting in the middle of the English countryside to all those who were part of their creative environment; painters, sculptors, writers, publicists, architects, singers, actors… In the stables of the estate is devised to a massage room to which he had access with boots of water due to the quagmire that surrounded the area, but, this, will gave a greater charm among bohemian and unique, not as much as EscortsBarcelona, though. There was born his line of organic cosmetics and eco –Cowshed – whose name has much to do with these poor facilities.

Since then, the group Soho House has been expanding with great success. Berlin, Miami, New York, London, or Chicago are some of the locations of these private clubs that host within the same building restaurants, movie theaters with projections of pre-premieres, conferences with characters from all parts of the world, a spa with sophisticated beauty treatments, indoor and outdoor pools and hotel rooms. Each partner pays an annual fee and this allows them to access the private areas (there is also some public) of all the Soho House in the world, and get discounts to stay in their rooms.

The hottest city in the world

A woman fully naked crawling on the floor, on all fours, with her arms tied to the back with ropes. They hold two men with black hoods that argue on the other hand a whip. The scene that I tell is not a movie, it is a real situation that will become a movie when I finish record it. Think that this information is not of any interest since such images porn are repeated millions on the screens, with the approval or indifference of the majority of the population that has the criterion anesthetized, since that consent to the exploitation and humiliation of the “actors” and the spread of a chauvinistic culture that form our youth in the contempt, the violence and the sexual exploitation of women.

The novelty, which allows me to convert this episode in the article, is that the scene is filmed in the streets of Barcelona. Outdoors, in the Plaza Catalunya, the Ramblas, the Paseo de Gracia, to the citizenry that goes through them and the enjoyment of barcelona residents and tourists jostle for photos of such a unique scene.

With the permission of the city Council. This town Hall talked about the change. And you can certainly be successful this rating, since it does not say to where I was going to change. That is what allows these ambiguities, euphemisms and twisted titles with which the modern social formations and policies have been defined. Effectively it is a change that a city is allowed, by the administration itself, to exhibit naked women, positions, embarrassing and humiliating, battered by men, like executioners in the middle of the street.

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